How we delivered ...

This year the Rose Bowl reconstructed their sand base, irrigation and drainage system in preparation for both the Rose Bowl and the BCS Championship game.

We provided them with 3,000 tons of USGA Spec sand. To some people sand is sand, but on a golf course or sports field sand can be as different as night and day. While it may be tempting to save money by using less expensive alternatives other then USGA spec sand, the physical properties of the sand determine the success or failure of a sports field or golf course putting green.

Superintendents evaluate characteristics of any sand before using it. Properly selected sand will help ensure healthy grass that is able to withstand high heat, humidity, and heavy traffic. Our sand also helps to drain water and retain moisture in the sand base

You may think delivering 3,000 Tons of sand to the Rose Bowl may be a challenge, and it was. We are fortunate to have a well trained staff that has a lot of experience and their expertise was challenged once again. Delivering to an older facility was the biggest challenge. The tunnel access clearances are low and tight and extreme caution was necessary. The second challenge was to avoid damaging the drainage system and irrigation that was in place , ready to be covered with sand. We had to tackle these challenges and at the same time work safely and efficiently. This job involved our entire team. We had an onsite customer service agent who safely coordinated the trucks on and off the field while staying in direct contact with our dispatch office to keep a steady flow of trucks on the jobsite.

This job is an excellent example of how West Coast Sand & Gravel uses teamwork to create a great experience for our customers. We consider our company a full service company and one stop shop. We can properly handle your project from start to finish.

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