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Hello, and welcome to WEST COAST SAND & GRAVEL! We are pleased that you stopped by to visit, and our team is looking forward to serving you soon.

My name is Dan Reyneveld, and I serve as the Chief Executive Officer of the West Coast companies. What follows is a brief overview of our company, with links to the details you will need to get to know us better.

West Coast Sand & Gravel has been in business since 1968 (history). We have grown from 2 trucks at one location to over 300 trucks at 8 locations. We have the scale and capabilities to meet your needs throughout California and in the Phoenix/Tucson area.

West Coast provides a wide range of products and services, including all types of construction aggregate materials, specialty golf and ball field products, hourly trucking, haul off, import, export and solid hazardous materials transportation. Our environmental group is fully qualified to handle contaminated soils, non-haz, RCRA, non-RCRA and Cal-Haz.

There is simply no one else in the market that has the capabilities of West Coast Sand & Gravel.  [Read More ...]

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